Tennessee Promise for adults

This is a good thing. These aren't students the universities are losing--these are new students in the pipeline. And the pipeline is another branch of the Drive to 55. From News Channel 11.

Haslam unveils budget, reveals free community college plan for adults
Gov. Bill Haslam unveiled a program that would allow adults to gain a college degree for free. 
Adults in Tennessee without degrees can already attend Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology tuition free but Governor Haslam said Monday’s Tennessee Reconnect program would be the first of its kind in the country to include community colleges. 
“I believe the state of our state has never been better,” Governor Haslam said as he addressed the crowd.
Haslam said more Tennesseeans have jobs than ever before but obstacles still remain between adults and a college diploma. 
“I am proposing that Tennessee become the first state in the nation to offer all adults access to community college free of tuition and fees,” Governor Haslam said.
This proposal is part of the Drive to 55 Initiative announced three years ago that hopes to have at least 55% of Tennessean’s to have a degree from a technical, community, or four year college by 2025. 
“With the Reconnect Act, Tennessee would be the first in the nation to offer all citizens, high school students, and adults, access to a degree to certificate, free of tuition and fees,” Governor Haslam said. 
Haslam said he wants to make a clear statement to families across the state.
“Wherever you might fall on life’s path, education beyond high school is critical to the Tennessee we can be,” Governor Haslam said.


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