One of the benefits of lacking a college degree?

You're less likely to marry. So there's that. From

Since the recession, incomes for college grads have recovered, while less-educated Americans have seen their incomes decline 3 percent, according to the Economic Policy Institute. The income gap between college grads and high school grads now stands at 56 percent, the widest since 1973, the EPI found. 
That meshes with the problems facing younger American men who lack college degrees. In 1990, more than 17 percent of men between 18 to 39 worked in manufacturing, but by 2007 that had declined to about 11 percent, Autor and his co-researchers found. Fewer job opportunities reduce “the supply of young men who would likely be judged as good marital prospects,” they noted. 
While more Americans are getting married later or even skipping marriage altogether, another trend has emerged in the last few decades: the so-called marriage gap. This phenomenon dovetails with education as college grads not only enjoy more income but more successful marriages.
College-educated Americans are today more likely to be married than their counterparts with less education, at 65 percent to 53 percent, according to the Pew Research Center. Women with college degrees are more likely to have successful marriages, with almost 8 out of 10 in marriages lasting 20 years or more, compared with just 4 out of 10 marriages for women with high school diplomas. 


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