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We no longer have to live with unanswered questions. Remember when we had to dig out the encyclopedia? When we could buy encyclopedias at the grocery store as an incentive to shop? O brave new world, / That has such people in 't! I suggest you try calling in sick to work with one of these--like nomophobia. From The Week.

5 new brain disorders that were born out of the digital age
1. Nomophobia
Some people are afraid of spiders. Others, heights. Or maybe you're unreasonably fearful of clowns. The list of phobias is long, and researchers recently added one more: In 2012, the world learned of "No-Mobile Phobia" or "nomophobia" — the feeling of panic one has upon being separated from one's phone or tablet. In one U.K. survey, 73 percent of respondents felt panic when they misplaced their phone. And for another 14 percent, that panic spiraled into pure desperation. 
But the research into this new fear is so new, it's hard to say conclusively whether nomophobia is good or bad for our long-term health. "Maybe the nomophobic have higher quality relationships," Piercarlo Valdesolo speculates at Scientific American. "Maybe the nomophobic have greater life satisfaction. Maybe they have more successful professional lives. Or maybe I should admit this is wishful thinking and try to detach from my device for a while."


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