Am entrepreneur lowers expectations for the college experience

And he's got a point. But I still think you're better off with a degree than not. It's just that so many have no degree and substantial debt. From The Huffington Post.

The 5 False Promises Of College
When I started college, I had great expectations. 
After checking out at the bookstore, I realized my bill was over $1,000. I gulped in despair and asked myself, “Is this really worth it?” 
I went home that evening and did some research. I discovered that each textbook cost an average of $10 to make and market. I began to wonder, “Why are they charging me $200 per book?” It seemed like a $190 profit was too unreasonable, especially for a book I barely used. 
As my first semester flew by, I realized that I hadn’t even read a dozen pages. I concluded that we only go to school to read books and it was a curriculum I didn’t want to be affiliated with.


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