Those zany Millennials

Millennials get a bad rap, according to Rob Fazio, writing in They're really just like you and me. Here are some tips to manage them.

5. Make excellence an expectation 
Instead of seeing millennials as entitled, look at it this way: Millennials believe they are destined for excellence. That desire for success, combined with guidance from you on how to navigate workplace challenges, is a stellar business strategy. 
While it's effective to give clear feedback to someone who isn't pulling his weight, it is not a smart business practice to vilify an entire generation. Labels limit innovation so lose them. Get out of the habit of talking about what millennials don't do. Instead, find ways to build on what millennials naturally do. Engage in conversations about what their signature strengths are, what motivates them and the ideas they have. The return on your investment will pay dividends for yourself, your people and your business.


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