Veterans don't do so well

At community colleges. Few graduate. From The Hechinger Report.

At some colleges that recruit veterans and their GI Bill money, none graduate
Among community colleges, a Hechinger Report review of the federal data suggests, an average of only 15 percent of full-time students receiving GI Bill money graduated with a two-year degree in 2014, the most recent period for which the figure is available. That includes those who took three years to do it — a particular problem for the other 85 percent, considering GI Bill benefits cover a maximum of 36 cumulative months in college, which should be enough for a bachelor’s degree but leaves little margin for error. The proportion attending part-time that graduated within three years was 7 percent. 
The national average three-year community college graduation rates for full-time and part-time students are 23 percent and 12 percent, respectively, the independent National Student Clearinghouse reports. 
At those 20 institutions with 100 or more GI Bill recipients eligible to finish in 2014, the government data disclose, even the ones with the highest veteran success rates managed to graduate only one in five. 
In all but one case — Trident Community College in Charleston — veterans graduated at much lower rates than other students.


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