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Community college presidents? Another resigns after an investigation, and troubles brew at Nashville State. From The Tennessean.

Motlow State president resigns amid scathing audit of his leadership
Motlow State Community College President Tony Kinkel resigned late Tuesday, a day before the completion of a blistering internal audit that accused him of using "fear, intimidation, hostility and condescension" as mainstays of his leadership. 
The audit, performed by the Tennessee Board of Regents and completed Wednesday, described a dismal work environment that pushed several longtime employees to leave the college because of Kinkel. 
Auditors said that, as their work neared completion, Kinkel pressured multiple employees to discredit the findings in an apparent attempt to save his job. 
"The manipulation of both people and information has created a sense of distrust among faculty and administrators that is deep," the audit read. "The pressure placed on employees to do things they consider inappropriate or to take on unreasonable workloads is attributable to employees' fear of retribution and of being labeled as not being a team player." 
Complaints logged throughout Kinkel's tenure of less than two years triggered the audit. Additional allegations "regarding the President’s management of the College, integrity, treatment of employees, and handling of personnel matters" were logged while the auditors worked on the project this year. 
The audit and Kinkel's resignation represent another controversy for the Board of Regents, which is already dealing with high-profile problems with presidents at two other campuses.


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