I, for one,

Welcome our new robot overlords. But wait...your personality matters. Seems a good liberal arts education may keep the robots awary. From The Pacific Standard.

Are you worried about being replaced by a robot? You've got good reason to fret: In one recent analysis, economists predicted 47 percent of American jobs are at high risk of being automated over the next two decades. 
Understandably, most discussion of this touchy topic has revolved around which specific jobs are in the computers' cross-hairs. But, given the ability (and, increasingly, the necessity) for workers to periodically change careers, two larger questions loom: What personality traits protect us against the threat of computer-driven unemployment? And can they be taught, and absorbed, at an early age? 
In a first-of-its-kind study that followed a large group of Americans for 50 years, a research team led by University of Houston psychologist Rodica Ioana Damian provides some preliminary answers. 
"Regardless of social background," the researchers write, "people who were more intelligent, mature, and interested in arts and sciences in adolescence selected into jobs that had a lower probability of computerization." 
This was partially, but not fully, explained by the fact that such people tended to have more education. Even after taking schooling out of the equation, personality still mattered.


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