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For Memphis. You're safer there than you might believe. However, Detroit and New Orleans offer more danger. From

The American Cities That Are Not as Dangerous as You Think
If you're a country-music fan or you grew up listening to Elvis on repeat, then venturing to this Tennessee town is probably on your bucket list. Even though Graceland is definitely a place you'll want to snap a selfie to show your grandma, SmarterTravel doesn't recommend you linger in the area after dark. They advise being mindful of your belongings and locking your car up when you visit the mansion during the day, too, just to be extra safe. 
Another note from Smarter Travel: 'When you want to check out the attractions downtown, you'll find that many of them are in close enough proximity to each other to make it practical to walk. However, there are cabs and trolleys that will get you safely to your destination, as well. It's safer to use a cab or trolley at night, rather than walk too far through the downtown area, especially if you're alone.'


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